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Make Money Now Bootcamp




The Make Money Now Boot Camp is a 3 week program that will help you break through the limiting beliefs and barriers that are holding you back.


Not only do you receive video training with power points, I also provide you with instructional fill in the blank working sheets so that you will be able to really have the greatest impact and go further faster.

What we will cover:

In the first training module, I give you the exact formula you need to break through what has been holding you back from creating wealth.

In the second module you will learn how to tap into the glory of abundance.

In the third training module you will discover ways to make money right now plus it will open your mind to all of the abundance and opportunities that are all around you.

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Mystic's Wealth Starter Program

This package includes my Make Money Now Boot Camp e-course email series, one 90 minute coaching session and an additional follow up 60 minute session with me.

In the 90 minute session we will uncover fears and blocks and then have a personalized clearing blessing prayer that will clean up your energetic field. I call in your personal guides, Jesus of Nazareth, Mother Mary, and the angels to help complete this blessing and to restore your natural state of prosperity and abundance.

In the second coaching session, you will receive direction and masterminding and a response to any questions you have regarding the Make Money Now Boot Camp E-course.

Plus as a bonus! You will have access to me by text to answer quick questions for your empowerment.

Let's start get your prosperity on today!

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Manifesting Wealth Group Program

Creating Your Lifestyle Business

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Careers From the Kitchen Table

5th Edition

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Calling In Wealth

Join Luci McMonagle on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and be apart of these Powerful and Inspiring ONLINE Group coaching Sessions And every single month and You will start to experience the benefits of miracles and magic in your life!

Benefits of these monthly calls:

$ Unlock your ultimate wealth and open the doorway to your soul’s true abundance. Discover the system of thinking and being that allows you to have more freedom, more flow and deeper fulfillment in your life and business.

$ Experience Massive increases in income - both money and opportunities start to flow into your life in miraculous and magical ways

$ Creating a deeper relationship with money, people and luxury

$ Letting go of the energy that is keeping you stuck and frustrated

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